Recipes for weight loss, diet foods. Fat-burning «green» cocktail

Fat-burning «green» cocktail

Recipes for weight loss, diet foods, diet


It is unrealistic to tasty and healthy drink, which effectively combats fat deposits!

And when combined with exercise, the result is just incredible!

Ingredients (per serving):
1 medium kiwi
2 ringlet lemon (with peel)
7-10 sprigs of parsley (tails cut off)
6-8 sprigs of mint
100 ml of pure non-carbonated water
Optionally 1-2 tsp honey (but not sugar!)


1. Peel and cut the kiwis 4-5 parts and put in the bowl of a blender. Ideally, prepare the cocktail is not in a blender, and using a pestle and mortar, as well retained more vitamins than in the case of the blender, but if you like I do not have a mortar, you can use a blender. You can leave a slice for decoration.

2. There also send two thin ringlet lemon (with peel) and parsley.

3. Parse the mint leaves in the — leaves a kiwi, and the stems in the garbage. Optionally add the honey.

4. Add the water and ground in all puree.

5. poured into a glass, decorate and enjoy 🙂 We drink soon!


Recipes for weight loss, diet foods, diet

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