Rolls, sushi

-1 Cup of rice for sushi
-risovy vinegar or seasoning for sushi rice vinegar
-vodorosli nori
-fresh cucumber,
-bolgarsky pepper,
-crab sticks,
-podkopchennaya trout
-krevetki (already peeled)
Also needed:
-soy sauce
-marinovanny ginger



Rolls, sushi
Figure need to boil according to the instructions.
Then cool it to room temperature and add 3 tbsp. spoon seasoning for sushi rice vinegar. To this figure must be to shift into a large bowl being careful not to stir, pour the dressing gently spread over the entire surface of the rice and leave to soak. If there is no ready-made seasonings, it is possible to prepare: Mix 50 ml of rice vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp salt.
From egg to fry a pancake-omelet: Beat egg with 1/2 tsp soy sauce and fry in butter on both sides. Cut the omelette strips of width 0.5 cm.
For Shogun rolls (trout + omelet) omelet can still lukewarm to roll in roll
Cucumber, pepper, fish cut into cubes (in the photo above is all chopped).
Shrimp Boil (throw in boiling water after boiling, cook 1-5 minutes, depending on the size).
It was a preparatory stage. Now directly twisting rolls.
This requires a bamboo mat.
On the mat lay a sheet of seaweed shiny side down.
In the seaweed — decomposed Rice, at the upper limit of 1.5 cm left free. To rice will not stick to your hands, moisten your hands in a mixture of cold water and rice vinegar (200 ml water + 3 tablespoons of vinegar).
Now stuffing, laid in rows. We had such a combination is:
— Fish omelette + cucumber +
— Shrimp omelet + cucumber +
— Crab sticks + cucumber + omelette
— Crab sticks + + omelette pepper
— Fish + shrimp + cucumber
Recommend to add Philadelphia cheese, but we are ready to cook spontaneously and did not find it on sale.
When the filling is laid, wrap the edge of the mat so that it touches the edge of the rice. Lift the mat, twist the nori into a tight roll.
Edge seaweed without rice, moisten with water and it is very well stick to the rolls. I spread rice lukewarm. From this seaweed becomes soft and curled great mat is almost not needed, only the first «push».
Dove soak a few minutes, I cut the rolls into pieces of 1.5 cm, for the convenience of eating. When cutting the rice did not stick to the knife, moisten it in a mixture of water and rice vinegar (see above)
Served sushi — rolls with soy sauce, wasabi — Japanese horseradish and pickled ginger.
Bon Appetit!

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