Salad “Birch”

Salad “Birch”


You will need:

● chicken – 300 grams.
● fresh mushrooms – 300 grams.
● egg – 5 pcs.
● pickled cucumber – 5-6 pcs.
● mayonnaise,
● green onions – 50 gr.

How to cook:

Before preparing the salad, you must first prepare foods. Mushrooms and onions fried in vegetable oil, chicken breast boil in salted water. Eggs also cook. Finely chop the cucumber.

1 layer – Put the mushrooms sauteed with onions.
2 layer – diced chicken breast.
Recoat mayonnaise.
Top protein rub on a coarse grater.
3 – Put the cucumbers.
4 – yolk rub on a small grater and decorate.
Draw mayonnaise birch trunk.
Black stripes make of chopped olives.
Finely shinkuem green onions.
And do birch leaves.
Salad “Birch” is ready!

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