Salad «Cones»

Salad «Cones»














6 pcs. — Medium potatoes
250 g — smelted cheese varieties
3 pcs. — A medium-sized onion
140 g — walnuts or almonds
5 — eggs
2 pack — mayonnaise
1 jar — canned peas (can substitute corn)
1-2 pieces. — Pickles
1 table. L — sugar
100 ml. — 9% vinegar
300 g — smoked meat
to taste — salt

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chives or basil
almonds, whole nuts


Boil the potatoes in their skins and hard boiled eggs.
Peeled potatoes and eggs rubbed on a coarse grater.
Cut into small cubes or slices of smoked meat.

Onions must first clean up, and then scalded with hot water, so it will not taste bitter, then chop it finely and fill with vinegar, add salt and leave to marinate for 40 minutes.
Cucumbers cut into thin strips, chilled cream cheese rub on a fine grater, with peas or corn merge excess liquid.

Finely grind walnuts or almonds and mix well with the grated cheese.
Getting to spread layers of lettuce, giving it the shape of elongated ovals with pointed ends — cones, each layer carefully recoat mayonnaise.

The first layer is a layer of potatoes, then spread the smoked meat, a layer of pickled onions, peas or corn, pickles, eggs, the last layer is curd.

In principle, this salad can be spread or layers, just mix all the ingredients, season to taste and season with mayonnaise — it’s as you like.

Decorate top cones «flakes» of whole almonds and do sprigs basil or chives.

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