Delicious and beautiful salad without extra effort

● Chicken fillet, 2 pcs.
● Eggs-3 pcs.
● Hard cheese-100-150 gr.
● Walnuts, 0.5 cups
● Grape-300-400 gr.
● Carry-1-3 teaspoons
● Mayonnaise
● Lemon



Chicken fillet wash, cut into small pieces, no more than 1 see Part after roasting fillet becomes dry. Therefore zamarinuem cut slices in lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon half and mix well. Reserve at least half an hour. Naraezat and marinate chicken.
Heat the pan well, oil must be heated. Quickly fry the fillets. The faster formed a crust, the meat will be juicier.

Once fillet browned, pour the curry mix thoroughly. Cover with a lid and leave to simmer for five minutes. Give fillets cool. Myasko cooled down, it is desirable to cast away on a colander, lemon juice and curry give the fluid if you do not drain, salad can raspolztis. We begin to collect salad. Put the fillets in the form of a bunch of grapes. Lubricates mayonnaise and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Then, rub the eggs, lubricates mayonnaise and sprinkle with nuts. And the last layer of cheese rub again lubricates mayonnaise and sprinkle with nuts.

Now, the final touch — a grape that is well formed, lubricates the whole surface. Grapes cut in half, remove pits (if any) and placed in a checkerboard pattern, so they better lay down. By the end of the bunch Lay the smaller berries. I took two types of grapes, may be even more. And stack can be any ornament, fantasy space here). Decorate the remaining nuts and insert a sprig of this bunch can be made from a feather bow mustache.

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