Salad «Tiger»

Salad «Tiger»

Ingredients: potatoes — 400 grams, boiled sausage — 200 g, cucumbers — 200 g, leeks or onions — 150 g, eggs — 3 pieces, carrots — 400 g, mayonnaise, salt, olives (for decoration).
Cooking: boil potatoes and carrots until tender, cool and clean. Potatoes and carrots rubbed on a fine grater. Sausage and cucumbers cut into small cubes. Leeks finely crumble (onions, cut into cubes, pour boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, then washed in cold water). Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, clean and rub on a small grater (protein of one egg leave for decoration).
At the bottom of a flat dish spread potatoes, give shape tiger head and wash off with mayonnaise. On potato spread layers smearing each layer of mayonnaise and podsalivaya, the following ingredients: cooked sausage, cucumber, onion and eggs. The final layer carrot spread, covering the entire salad.
From egg whites do eyes and cheeks cub. 6-7 finely chopped olives. We do have a nose and eyelashes. Cucumber — pupils. From sausage — mouth. Of the remaining chopped olives lay strips. Whiskers can be drawn from the white part of the leek.
Bon Appetit!


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