Salad «Turtle»

Salad «Turtle»

Ingredients: chicken breast — 600 g, eggs — 4 pieces, onion — 1 pc, cheese — 100 grams, prunes — 100 g apples — 250 grams, green salad — 6 leaves, walnuts — 100 g, mayonnaise — 200 grams of salt.
Cooking: Chicken fillet boil until tender (about 20 minutes), cool and finely chop. Cook the eggs are separated into whites and yolks, egg yolks crumble, three proteins on a grater. From one half the egg reserve for «turtle head». Cut the onion finely and pour boiling water for a few minutes to remove bitterness, then rinsed with cold water. Prunes are washed and soaked if dryish. On grater grind peeled apples and cheese, apple dressed with mayonnaise immediately to avoid getting dark, finely chopped prunes.
On the platter we place lettuce leaves. We have the edge with egg which will head turtle. Half chicken, mayonnaise, spread, forming a trunk. Sprinkle chicken onion, mayonnaise do not need to be lubricated. The next layer — egg white, coat with mayonnaise, then — apples. We spread the second half of the chicken, coat with mayonnaise, top to lay out a layer and coat with egg yolks and mayonnaise. Distributed over the yolk prunes. We finish layer of cheese.
Now we make out «bug». Carapace do from roasted and peeled the maximum film neizmelchёnnyh walnuts, muzzle made out by pieces of olives for eyes, you can use a pea black pepper, of whole nuts or slices of pickles do foot turtle.
«Turtle» can bring to the table. Bon Appetit!


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