Shrimp salad «Baltika»


We will need:
untreated shrimp — 200 g;
tangerines — 6 PCs.;
avocado — 1 PC.;
Apple — 1 PC.;
celery — 100 g;
lemon — 0,5 PCs;
mayonnaise — 5 tbsp;
salad — 100 g;
vinegar — 0.5 tsp.;
salt — to taste;
greens — to taste.Shrimp salad "Baltika"

Shrimp salad «Baltika»
Method of preparation:

Shrimp boil in salted water with vinegar. Then cool them and peel.

Tangerines peeled. Three pieces use for juicing, the rest — as part of the salad: parse them into slices and remove the white skins.

Tangerine juice mixed with five tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Divide the avocado in half, remove the pit and peel, and the flesh cut into pieces small size.

Apples are cleaned from the stalk, cut out the middle. To remove the peel or not is a matter of taste. Apples cut into cubes or slices.

The lemon and cut in half. One of the pieces divide into segments.

Celery (we need the greens), washed with water from the tap, shake and finely chop.

Lettuce wash and dry. We spread it on the bottom of the dish.

Add rest of the ingredients: slices of oranges, shrimp, avocado, apples, celery. Mix all ingredients and dressed with sauce of mayonnaise and tangerine juice.

Before serving, decorate the dish with lemon slices.

Council of the chef:
Mayonnaise dressing in this salad you can substitute meatless option. To do this, mix ¼ tsp salt, 0.5 tsp black pepper, 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar, olive oil (you can replace refined sunflower) and tangerine juice.
Lovely decor for a salad will not only lemon wedges but also fresh parsley and celery.

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