Solyanka «Moscow» (meat) in a frying pan

Sour cabbage (and fresh) — 900 g
Butter — 115 g
Onions — 1 pc.
Flour — Article 0.5. l.
Roasted meat (beef, pork, chicken, goose, rabbit fillet) — 900g
Sausages or homemade sausage — 100 g
Pickled cucumbers — 2 pcs.
Pickles — 10 pcs.
Olive — 10 pcs.
Pickled mushrooms — 10 pcs.
Truffles — 1-3 pcs.

Solyanka "Moscow" (meat) in a frying pan

Solyanka «Moscow» (meat) in a frying pan

Solyanka «Moscow» (meat) in a frying pan
1. Finely chop 1 onion and fry in a pan with 115 g of oil. Then in a frying pan put 900 g sour chopped cabbage, stir, and covered with a lid, simmer until tender, stirring to not burnt. In late cabbage should sprinkle 1/2 Art. l. flour and mix.
2. Put half already finished cabbage in a deep frying pan (saucepan or deep a thick pan).
3.Obzharit finely sliced meat.
4. Spread the cabbage on the bottom of the pan. Then lay out the layers of 900 g of different kinds of finely chopped meat (beef, veal, ham, chicken, different game, etc.). Then put a layer of cabbage again. Garnish with finely chopped pickles, sausages, pickles, olives, pickled or salted mushrooms and spices. Optionally add the truffles.
5. Pour the dish out of the hot sauce, put in the oven. Serve in the same skillet.
Bon Appetit!

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