Table setting for a romantic dinner

Table setting for a romantic dinner

In such an important matter as a romantic evening, no details, and if you want to make it truly memorable, you should consider not only the content, but also on the form. Serving table for a romantic dinner is just as important to create an atmosphere, as well as delicious food and your beautiful dress.

1-10 Table setting for a romantic dinner

Passionate natures will want more fire. There is nothing easier! Surely after the New Year celebrations have remained a bright red beads, garlands, streamers, confetti, and maybe a red tablecloth. It remains to develop a theme of love and supplementing Still Life hearts. It may be a candle, homemade valentines and pastry decoration. Utensils and tools, again let it be neutral in color.


2-11 Table setting for a romantic dinner

Romantic dinner with gerberas and candles, selective focus

Let’s start with the simplest techniques. Classical romantic genre – it’s flowers and candles. Find the candles of the same color as the flowers, ideally – pink or bright red. Put on a plate of one flower and candles randomly arrange the table. Crockery and tablecloth let there be snow-white. By the way, not necessarily to buy roses. Gerberas, carnations, lilies or orchids – is also beautiful and romantic.

3-11 Table setting for a romantic dinner

Thin, romantically-minded nature will be delighted by the delicate spring flowers. Try to find a pink or purple tulips that have not yet disclosed their buds. Pick them in the tone of candlesticks, vases and artificial cherry blossom branch. Cover the table a simple linen tablecloths, napkins and cutlery tie hemp thread, decorate composition buds of tulips.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Table setting for a romantic dinner

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