Tableware and other pleasures of life

Tableware and other pleasures of life


I have an idea!!! I advise you to buy a roll of kraft paper. Yes, it is such a rough, brown. It is great to pack gifts, to do her sketches, wrapped in her products and more. By passing other things it can be used instead of tablecloths, Rahner or Place the mat. If you are scared by it cover the wedding table, start with a children’s holiday. The kids will appreciate the cloth on which you can draw!
Those who know how to cut with scissors flowers can make magnificent center table of paper flowers.
You can decorate your paper tablecloths on request. Draw on it whatever, write the names of the guests, menus and various other words!)
And most priyatnoe- tablecloth can be any size, and it is not necessary to wash !!!




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