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Very tasty, tender Cupcakes «Tiramisu».

Very tasty, tender, fragrant soaked in coffee syrup cupcakes. Preparation time: 50 minutes + cooling Servings: 12 pcs. You will need: Dough: — 200 g sugar (100 g of brown, 100 g of normal) — 165 g of butter at room temperature, — 4 eggs, — 260 g flour — 1 teaspoon of baking powder, […]

Original Rainbow cake

Original Rainbow cake Ingredients for the recipe: 1300 — 1500 gr. Dry biscuit mixture (and the necessary ingredients) 1.5 tsp. Almond extract Pink, yellow and green gel food colors 1 tbsp. Crimson jam without seeds 230 g. Chopped milk chocolate bars 6 tbsp. L. Chopped butter A mixture for baking cupcakes, biscuit, Almond extract, raspberry […]

Cake «Bronte-Bianco»

Cake «Bronte-Bianco» Ingredients: Almond sponge cake: 225 grams of eggs 145 g of sugar 57 g of wheat flour 57 g of cornstarch 37 g of almond flour Raspberry compote with lychee: 125 g raspberry puree 65 g of sugar 4 g pectin NH 10-12 g of rose water 110 g of fresh lychee pieces […]

Cake «zebra» on kefir

Cake «zebra» on kefir Ingredients • a glass of yogurt • 1/2 b condensed milk • 1.5 cups of flour • 2 eggs • a teaspoon of soda • 2 teaspoons of cocoa • a glass of sugar

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