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Jelly cake with fruit

Jelly cake with fruit Ingredients: fruit; sour cream 400 ml. 100 ml of milk. sugar 200g jellies of different colors (red, green, yellow) 3 pack. gelatin 1 pak. (25g).

Original Cheese Casserole «Zebra»

Cheese Casserole «Zebra»   Ingredients:

Cake «Earl ruins».

Cake «Earl ruins». What to cook for Christmas NGREDIENTS: 200 g protein (7 items) 400 grams of sugar (small)

The cake from the microwave for 5 minutes

The cake from the microwave for 5 minutes   It is such a yummy! The cake is cooked in the microwave, but who do not, it is possible and in the oven. It is made very quickly, within 5 minutes. Taste stunning. It’s just impossible not to cook. Try it at least once a cake […]

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