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Snack Penguins of olives and cream cheese.

Snack Penguins of olives and cream cheese.  To create this snack will need a few ingredients: feta cheese (or any soft cream cheese), large and small olives, carrots. It should be cut into thin carrot slices and cut each of the small triangle, which will be the beak of penguins. On every major make the […]

Making salad as a Christmas gift

Making salad as a Christmas gift Also, any salad can be issued in the form of a New Year gift. To do this, lay a salad on a plate, squared. Make carrot ribbons and place the center of the flower from the beet.   Delicious salad recipes with photos holiday recipes salads The recipe is […]

Salad Christmas candles.

 Salad Christmas candles. Almost any salad can be designed in such a way. Simply mix all ingredients for the recipe and place on a platter, leaving room for «candles.» Then make a «candle» slices of cheese, garnish the top with a piece of red pepper or carrots to simulate fire. Sprinkle the salad and garnish […]

Serving holiday table. Christmas

Serving holiday table. Christmas

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