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Rassolnik with chicken meatballs and rice

Rassolnik with chicken meatballs and rice Delicious rassolnik for half an hour? — Easily! Ingredients: — 500 g of chicken ground meat — 3 liters of water or better chicken broth — 1 large onion bulb — 1 medium carrot — 2 large and juicy tomatoes — 1/2 cup steamed long-grain rice or 1 glass, […]

Potato-cheese gnocchi, stuffed with meat.

  That’s honest, it turned incredibly delicious! I will do again and again many times!) And recommend to all of you!) You will need: Boiled potatoes in their skins — 750 gr. Flour — 150 gr. Egg — 1 pc,. Cheese curd — 100 gr .. hard cheese — 80 gr. Salt — to taste. […]

Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme

  Escabeche in the Mediterranean countries, and called the marinade, and a dish that is usually prepared at this time of night and removed in the fridge — marinated in sour sauce based on vinegar or lemon juice in the morning, take out and eat breakfast. Breast of guinea fowl 2 pieces Carrots 100 g […]

Simit — Turkish bagels

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