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Liver mashed potatoes

  You will need: — Several small kartoshinu — Sol — Pepper — Olive oil — Several rosemary sprouts

Home curd!

  Very tasty and nutritious! Replacing the dessert! on 100gramm — 136.97 calories Ingredients: Curd — 1 pack (200 g) Natural yoghurt — 250 g Bananas — 2 pcs. Raisins — fistful Nut mixture — a handful Oatmeal — a handful Honey — 2 tbsp

Pork skewers in Cuban

Ingredients: six teeth of garlic one beam svezheykinzy five limes two tablespoons of olive oil one tablespoon spices for barbecue a pinch of salt with allspice five hundred grams of pork pulp

Liver cheese sauce: delicious diet recipe!

on 100gramm — 138.8 kcal Ingredients: Beef liver 0.5 kg Cream cheese 150g Onions 1 piece Carrot 1 piece Wheat flour 1 tablespoon Greens to taste Spices to taste

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