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Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu   Strawberry tiramisu On 3 servings 100g mascarpone 1 egg 25g sugar 6 Savoiardi 100 ml of coffee wine (if there is a strawberry liqueur is ideal) 100 g strawberries cocoa Beat yolk with sugar until white and mix with whisk maskarpone.Belok separately and gently stir to a creamy mass. Coffee mixed with […]

Unpretentious Tiramisu

Unpretentious Tiramisu INGREDIENTS: ● 200g. any shortcake ● 200g. low fat cottage cheese ● 100g. sour cream ● 50g. Sahara ● 1 h. Liter of coffee ● vanilla ● cocoa PREPARATION: 1. Mix in a blender cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar and vanilla until smooth. Prepare the coffee (I took a regular soluble). 2. biscuits […]

The recipe for pancakes, benign figure.

The recipe for pancakes, benign figure. Recipes for weight loss, diet foods, diet Your baby does not love porridge is also very like it) Ingredients: — Oat flakes (small) — 1.5 cups — Semolina — 0.5 cups — Kefir 1% — 500 ml — Eggs — 3 pcs. — Sweetener, stevioside and better — to […]

Cake «Tubes» with cream

Cake «Tubes» with cream Ingredients: — 1 pack. puff pastry — 100 g of powdered sugar — 2 egg whites — 1 pinch of citric acid

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