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Dietary salad. Salad «Easy».

Dietary salad. Salad «Easy». Dietary salad You need: 1. Shrimp — 500 g 2. Several fresh tomatoes 3. A pair of fresh cucumbers

Dietary salad Veal tongue marinated vegetables.

Dietary salad. Veal tongue marinated vegetables. Dietary salad vegetables. Dietary salad Composition: veal tongue — 700 gr.

Salad «Budapest».Diet menus

Salad «Budapest». Diet menus #Salad #Diet menus Meat (pork, veal, beef) — 150 kg Tomato — 2 pieces Bell pepper (medium) — 1 piece

Soup with prawns 57 kcal . Diet menus

Soup with prawns. Diet menus #Soup #prawns 57 kcal 500 g prawns 4 basil leaves 3 cup milk 3 cloves garlic 3 pen green onions

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