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Cake «Three milk» 

Ingredients The basis: Flour — 200 g Butter — 100 g Brown sugar — 50 g Powdered cinnamon — 2 tsp..


Cake-heart Cake in the shape of a heart, it’s a miracle to celebrate Valentine’s hearts. For a good result you need to bake two cakes, and cut them in half, so the cake came out four. Korzh heart shaped cream drink well, to complete the cake is decorated with taste. At the time of the […]

Cake «Love Dalmatians»

Cake «Love Dalmatians»   Cake «Love Dalmatians» Ingredients:

Cake «Fruit tenderness», cake recipe with a photo

Cake «Fruit tenderness»,  cake recipe with a photo   Cake «Fruit tenderness» Ingredients: For the sponge:

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