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Greek Pizza recipe

Ingredients: 250g – Pizza dough 180 gr – Mozzarella cheese 80g – Pizza Sauce 50g – Cucumbers 50g – Feta Cheese 50g – Bulgarian pepper 40 g – Lettuce 80g – Tomatoes 10 g – Olives 10 ml – Olive oil

Dietary recipes. Cottage cheese – cheese pizza

100 grams of the product: Kcal: 59.8 Ingredients: -tvorog fat 400g; -cyr 17% 50g; -shampinony 100g; -yaichny protein 3 pcs .; -pomidor 200g; -bazilik 30g; -ukrop 30g; -hydrochloric and spices to taste.

Beautiful design pizza edges

Roll out the dough into a thin round layer and slightly retreating from the edge, spread around the perimeter of the thin sausages or sausages.

Pizza with smoked salmon

Ingredients: Salmon 50g 1 tablespoon capers. l. onion 1 piece. Cheese 150 g sour cream 3 tbsp. l. 20 grams fennel lemon juice 1 tbsp. l. ready pizza dough

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