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Diet menus. Salad with chicken, egg and vegetables

 At 100 grams — 73.97 kcal Ingredients: Chicken breast — 200 g Cucumber — 1 piece Tomato — 2 pcs Eggs — 2 pcs Lettuce — 10 Cheese (best Oltermani 17%, it is less calories) Olive oil or natural yogurt — to taste

Light retsepty.Mini — salads (6 tastiest options)

1. EDELWEISS Pleasant combination of flavors. Cheese, chicken, egg, tomato, mayonnaise (sour cream). 2. Tenderness Piquancy gives this salad a sweet prunes. Chicken, prunes, egg, cucumber, walnuts, yogurt.

It is useful and very tasty: beet salad with chicken. Healthy food

on 100gramm — 130.69 calories Ingredients: Beets 4 pcs. (400 g) Chicken fillet 400g boiled Walnuts 0.5 cups Natural Yogurt 0.5 cups Greens for decorating Salt and pepper to taste

Weight loss. Salad with tomatoes, shrimp and cheese

on 100gramm — 122.01 kcal. Ingredients: Peeled shrimp 300 g Tomatoes 2 pieces Parmesan cheese 100g Garlic cloves 2 Sour cream to taste

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