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Very tasty salad

  Ingredients: ● 750 grams of mushrooms ● 400 g of crab sticks ● 5 hard-boiled eggs ● 4 fresh cucumber ● mayonnaise ● parsley ● 1-2 pcs. onions

Salad with pineapple, cheese and garlic

Salad with pineapple, cheese and garlic is particularly appeal to those who taste sweet tone salad. It gives zest to the dish garlic, although many may confuse this ingredient. But should not be afraid, everything goes well in this incredibly tasty and easy salad. Be sure to try it! To prepare the salad with pineapple, […]


  Ingredients: — 2 cucumbers — ¾ cup low-fat yogurt 0% — 1 chopped clove of garlic — ½ teaspoon paprika — 2 teaspoons fresh chopped dill — 1/2 teaspoon chili powder spoons (ground chili pepper) — Optionally, you can add up to 1/2 cup salmon, tuna or chicken breast.

Cabbage, stewed with PRUNES

  Ingredients: — 1/2 medium head of cabbage — 1 carrot — 1 bell pepper (optional) — 100 grams of prunes — Bay leaves, asafetida, black pepper, ground coriander, turmeric, cinnamon (on the tip of a knife). — 2-3 stol.lozh.tomatnoy paste — Table 2-3. lodges. vegetable oil

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