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Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme

  Escabeche in the Mediterranean countries, and called the marinade, and a dish that is usually prepared at this time of night and removed in the fridge — marinated in sour sauce based on vinegar or lemon juice in the morning, take out and eat breakfast. Breast of guinea fowl 2 pieces Carrots 100 g […]

Lagman with potatoes

  Ingredient: Bulgarian pepper potatoes tomatoes noodles carrot bow meat vegetable oil

Salad «Tenderness»

2 breast fillets 4 eggs 200 gr.tverd.syra (I take «dumped») 1 onion 1 b.shampinonov cut mayonnaise Onion cut and obzhar.s mushrooms from cans, chicken fillet weld and cut. cubes

Meat in French.

  Cook the meat so that it turned out fragrant, tender and melting in the mouth turns out not every time. However, this rule does not work when it comes to such famous dishes of meat as the meat in French. Knowing the basic rules of cooking this dish, you can be sure — every […]

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