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Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme

  Escabeche in the Mediterranean countries, and called the marinade, and a dish that is usually prepared at this time of night and removed in the fridge – marinated in sour sauce based on vinegar or lemon juice in the morning, take out and eat breakfast. Breast of guinea fowl 2 pieces Carrots 100 g […]

Cheese soup (with mushrooms and broccoli).

  Ingredients: Mushrooms – 5-7 pcs. Curd – 2 pcs. Broccoli – 200 g Potatoes – 1-2 pcs. Carrots – 1 pc. Salt, vegetable oil for frying

Lazy lasagna

  Ingredients: -farsh – 500 gr. -2 bulbs -500 Gr. mushroom -lavash (thin) -moloko – 1 tbsp. -1 Tablespoon flour -cheese

CHEESE brushwood – a very tasty snack!

  Ingredients for 3-4 servings: – 280 g of cheese type “n” – 140 g flour – 2 eggs

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