Tartlets with Korean carrot and salami


15 ready-made tartlets
100 g of the Korean carrot
100 g of sausage «salami» (sausage) cooked/smoked.
1 large cucumber
5 leaf salad
3 tablespoons mayonnaiseTartlets with Korean carrot and salami

Tartlets with Korean carrot and salami

1. Korean carrot finely chopped.
2. Tomatoes thoroughly wash and cut.
3. Cucumber also washed in running water and grate on a coarse grater.
4. Sausage cut into fine strips.
5. Mix carrots, tomatoes, sausage and cucumbers in the same container. Clean and dried lettuce to tear with hands into small pieces and add to the remaining ingredients of the filling.
6. Dress it with mayonnaise, mix thoroughly.
7. The stuffing should be placed into the tartlets just before serving, because if you do it before the plastic melted, and it will not be that crispy taste. In General, it is possible to spoil a snack.

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