The idea of serving a festive table. Christmas

The idea of serving a festive table. Christmas

Christmas — a time when everyone is waiting for a little surprise, therefore, win-win option in the table setting will be the use of small gifts for the guests. In the formation of gifts to remember his childhood, when the greatest joy was kulёk with various sweets, chocolates and biscuits. Bake cookies in the form of stars or firs, sign them snowflakes and sugar packed in kulёk of wrapping paper. Gifts for guests may serve as part of the tableware, such as Christmas decorations, cards and candles. Decorated so souvenirs will impress any guest!

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When we talk about Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is the mandarins, we are reminded of his childhood and the sweet citrus flavor, which combined with pine creates a wonderful mood, accompanied us in this celebration. The smell of the holiday can be created at your table! For this purpose, any beautiful bowl put mandarin decorated with dried flowers, cloves, cinnamon sticks and a few other spicy seasonings to your taste. Your table will soar unique, warming festive flavor.

Branches of a pine and tangerines on a white background

Indispensable attribute of each Christmas — Christmas decorations. And it is not only a place on the tree, they will fit perfectly for decoration New Year’s table. If you choose to use toys in serving, try to do without glasses, because one awkward movement — and the toy is broken, and New Year’s Eve interrupted for cleaning debris. Better stock up in advance with light plastic toys, tinsel, rain, Christmas beads and streamer. On the table will look great snowflakes, bows, bells, and all your favorite balloons.

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