The most unusual flowers of the world. Interesting Facts

The most unusual flowers of the world.

Blue lotus

Striking in its beauty, color and fragrance. It has strong psychotropic properties. Since ancient times, from the petals of a blue lotus produced spirits. In Russia evklyuchen in the list of narcotic drugs, the circulation of which is strictly forbidden.

Venus trap (flytrap)
As you can see from the title, Venus trap eats insects. This amazing and kind of flower has an unusual and interesting mechanism of insect trapping. He currently produces produces food using special traps. As soon as a fly or other insect sits on a fragrant trap it again — and slam in less than 1 second!


Plant — survivor. Scientists suggest that it can live from 400 to 1500 years!
Welwitschia has only two sheet width of 20 cm, which creep along the ground up to 1 meter in length. Its inflorescences are very similar to the bumps.


Victoria Regia water lily (Victoria amozonica)

This is not just a classic swamp lily. It can reach a diameter of 3 meters on the stem length of 8 meters. leaf of this plant can withstand the weight of 100 kg.
Water lilies are also called ‘frying pan for the birds.’ So that rain water does not accumulate in the great ‘saucer’ at the lilies are small openings — weirs, through which all the excess moisture out into the leaf surface.

Its flower is placed under the water, and appears on the surface only once a year — during the flowering period, which lasts for only 2-3 days. Flower blooms only at night, and at dawn it collects all its petals and leaves under water. On the first day of flowering flower petals gently dissolves white. The next day, they already have a delicate pink hue, and on the last evening of your flower is dark raspberry or purple. After that, he falls into the water and no longer appears. Local Indians used them for making a very unusual dish, tastes like popcorn. The surface of the Amazonian water lilies can withstand loads up to 40-50 kg.
In nature, water lily can live up to 5 years.

The most unusual flowers of the world.


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