Tips cook on the porridge

Tips cook on the porridgeTips cook on the porridge

1. Buckwheat. Buckwheat can be in the evening to fill with water — it will swell, and in the morning will only need to bring to boiling and all the jelly is ready.

2. Hercules. For 1 litre milk take 7-8 tablespoons of cereal. Then immediately pour in a ceramic bowl and put a film or cover. Leave overnight — in the morning will receive a beautiful and delicious cereal that will only heat up in the microwave.

3. Semolina. Semolina is enough to boil for a few minutes and 20 minutes to steep after remove it from the stove.

4. Fig. For sweet porridge is better to take a round figure in the ratio of 1 Cup grits to 1 liter of milk.

5. Rice milk porridge. Why at home the rice porridge does not work like in kindergarten? Because there is porridge cooked like this: in boiling milk added sugar and salt and pour the rice. Bring to a boil (if the amount is small, then boiled for 1 minute) and were removed from the plate. Added oil and covered with a lid. After 20-30 minutes the rice itself is enough swell. Finally it came already on the Bain-Marie.

6. If you want the house to cook a delicious milk porridge — do not try to cook right until tender.
Take more milk. Cook grits in milk after boiling for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then remove the pot and place in a warm place. Can something to cover. After some time, the grits will swell up and you will get a tasty and thick porridge. Thick, not a ball, in which the spoon will not crank

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