Unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers.

Unusual flowers. Interesting facts about flowers.

Interesting facts about Flowers

= National flower of China is considered to be a pion. In this country, he is credited with truly magical properties. The Chinese believe that the peony expels evil spirits from the property.
= In the harsh region of the Arctic Circle you can find wild rose bushes.
= The scientific name of the plant forget-me (in spite of the deep meaning of the word) means «mouse ear».
= Floating duckweed Wolff arrhiza — the smallest flowering plant in the world. The size of its tiny leaves barely one millimeter.
= Many beautiful flowers — great healers. For example, delphinium once commonly used in fractures as lotions.
= On the slopes of the mountains of South America is growing a flower that blooms only in 150 years. Then it dies.
= Dahlias are named in honor of explorer George. Give these flowers — it means to show respect and friendship.
= All stages of his life Australian flower Rhizanthella Gardneri conducts underground. He even pollinate termites, subterranean insects.











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