Unusual sandwich


Armenian lavash 2 pieces;
Tomatoes in own juice — 3-4 pieces;
Grated hard cheese — 50 grams;
Curd cheese (I — Almette with garlic) — 100 grams;
Garlic — 2 cloves
Smoked chicken breast — 1/2 pieces;
Smoked cheese (smoked at me- Suluguni) — 100 grams;
Canned Beans krasnaya- 1/2 cans;Unusual sandwich

Unusual sandwich

Chips. Tomatoes in own juice mash with a fork. Cheese rubbed. It is lined with a sheet of lavash missed tomatoes, sprinkle with cheese. On top of it I put another sheet of lavash, sprinkle with cheese. Cut into squares, laid out on the parchment and baked at 200 minutes 7-10. Leave to cool on parchment, then took her to the bowl with a lid.

Pate — in a blender to grind the beans + chicken (so that the small pieces still remain). She would fall asleep with grated smoked cheese, squeezed garlic and tucked a soft cheese pie. Before submission hold in the refrigerator before serving and smeared on lavashnye chips.

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