Vegetable stew. Diet menus.

Vegetable stew.  Diet menus.


Vegetable stew.
potatoes — 500 g
cabbage — 350 g
carrots — 200 g
Green peas — 100 g
turnips — 200 g
cauliflower — 350 g
parsley — 50 g
parsley root — 50 g
zucchini — 300 g
sour cream — 150 g
onions — 250 g
tomato juice — 20 g
The beauty of this dish is that if you did not have any product, without compromising its taste and benefits can be replaced by any other. Every time your stew will be a little different.
Prepare the vegetables: peel, cut into cubes, cauliflower into florets to disassemble. Cabbage folded into a saucepan, add sour cream, diluted with water, put out 10 minutes. Then add the remaining vegetables and cook until soft. At the end of quenching add the tomato paste, or juice and parsley associated beam (after cooking it must be removed).


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