What can you make for Valentine

What can you make for Valentine

Coffee with a pattern in the form of heart

It’s easy to please a loved one. It does not need something extraordinary. One need only a small token. For example, a cup of hot, cooked with love, coffee can be charged with positive emotions. If more coffee and decorate a picture of a heart, it will be a very pleasant surprise. To heart out, it is important to prepare the foam. Make coffee, on top of the cup should be sypnut cocoa powder or cinnamon, should be added after the foam from the milk to the center. Pitcher will help to create a drawing.

Scrambled eggs in a heart

His feelings for a dear person may be expressed not only on holidays, but every day, eg during breakfast. Scrambled eggs is quite satisfying for the morning meal, it is very simple dish. The unusual design of eggs in the shape of a heart and decorate the dish will carry the warmth of feelings.


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